Six Factors to Consider When Hiring a Piano Mover

With over 12,000 pieces, a piano is among the most difficult pieces of equipment to transport in the world. Every piece on it is crucial and needs to be intact for the piano to function properly. You would not want to mess with your piano considering its cost whatsoever. So, if you happen to be relocating or buying a new set of pianos, you have to look for piano movers sydney.

A piano mover is someone who has specialised in moving a piano for clients. They have what it takes to safely move a piano from one location to another.

To be even safer, you need to consider the following factors when hiring a piano mover.

What to consider when hiring a piano mover?

  • Ask for a referral from a trusted source

Your quest for finding a suitable piano mover can be shortened if you get a lead from a trusted source. The source should have used that particular mover in the past and knows exactly how they operate. This can save you a lot of time and energy of having to go from one company to the next.

  • Read through their online reviews

A company in this era should have an official website that describes them in a nutshell. The testimonial section is one of the crucial parts of a website. you need to navigate to the section and find out what the previous clients had to say about the piano moving company.

  • Ask for insurance cover

If you are going to trust a given company with moving your piano, you need to be assured that your equipment is secured even if an anticipated circumstance occurs. Therefore, the company should show you proof that they have insurance cover for your item in case of possible loss or damages occurring as a result of certain incidents.

  • Charges

You also have to find out how much the piano moving company is charging for their services. They should have a reasonable fixed charge for a given distance covered, let us say a given amount for one kilometre. The condition of the roads and weather may also have a say in the charges you will incur for transporting your piano.

  • The right tools for the job

For the journey to be successful, the mover needs to have the proper transportation tools in place to oversee the safe handling and moving of your piano.

  • Experience

Lastly, a piano mover should have all the experience needed to handle pianos. They should have a clear understanding of all the parts and how to best handle them.

Advantages of using a piano mover

Guaranteed safety

A piano mover will take care of your equipment and will observe all the safety precautions while handling and moving your piano. It will be more expensive to repair a broken piano than hiring a professional to do the job.

Save you money

Just imagine how much you will spend to buy all the tools required to move a piano? That will be probably more expensive than when you use a moving company for the job because they will come with their tools. 


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